Adrian Sherwood Becoming A Cliche Dub Cliche (Limited Edition) (2 CD) Формат: Audio CD (Jewel Case) Дистрибьюторы: Real World Music, EMI Records Ltd Лицензионные товары инфо 4898l.

Содержание CD1: Adrian Sherwood Becoming A Cliche 1 Animal Magic 2 Two Versions Of The Future 3 A Piece Of The Earth 4 Monastery Of Sound 5 Dennis Bovine Part 1 6 J'ai Change 7аъфыл You Wonder Why 8 The House Of Games 9 Nu Rizla 10 St Peter's Gate 11 Home Sweet Home 12 Forgive Yourself 13 All Hands On Desk 14 Stop The Bloodshed CD2: Adrian Sherwood Dub Cliche 1 Monkey See, Monkey Dub 2 Dubshed 3 Zooбйфяг Time 4 Cliched Dub Slave 5 The Noise From Brazil 6 Stepping Crowd 7 Sans Toupee 8 Silly Billy Remix By Activator (Joint Venture Sound System) 9 Moving House 10 J'ai Dube 11 Dennis Bovine Pt 2 12 Silly Old Dub Исполнитель Адриан Шервуд Adrian Sherwood.

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