Mega Gospel (4 CD) Серия: Mega инфо 5165l.

Содержание CD1: Mega Gospel 1 Oh Happy Day Эдвин Хоукинс, Edwin Hawkins Singers 2 Didn't It Rain Махалия Джексон 3 Old Ship Of Zion "Wings Over Jordan" 4 Shadrack Луи Армстронг, Lаъхйчynn Murray Choir 5 Certainly Lord Литтл Ричард 6 Amazing Grace Ли Гринвуд 7 God Bless The Usa "The Jordanaires" 8 Jesus Gave Me Water Би Би Кинг 9 Old Man River Пол Робсон 10 He's Got The Whole World In His Hands The Watts 103rd Streetбйхйл Rhythm Band, Пэт Льюис 11 Gospel Train Мэри Найт 12 Walk Together Children "The Blind Boys Of Mississippi" 13 Danny Boy The Blind Boys Of Alabama 14 Glory Hallelujah "The Swan Silverstones" 15 This Train "Elder R Wilson & Family" 16 Amen Бобби Шерман 17 My Prayer Нарвел Фелтс 18 One Of These Days "The Caravans" 19 I Had A Dream "The Staple Singers", Сэнди Поси 20 Put Your Hand In The Hand Сбрцкеэнди Поси CD2: Mega Gospel 1 When The Saints Go Marchin' In Луи Армстронг 2 I Believe Махалия Джексон 3 I Saw The Light Этта Джеймс 4 Every Time I Feet The Spirit Литтл Ричард 5 The Revelator The Golden Gate Quartet 6 The Old Rugged Cross Билл Филипс 7 Close To Thee "The Pilgrim Travelers" 8 Lord Lord You're Certainly Good To Me Банк Джонсон 9 Little Boy Реверенд Келсей, "Congregation" 10 I've Been Saved The Argo Chamber Orchestra 11 Lord Don't Leave Us Now "The Caravans" 12 You'll Never Walk Alone The Blind Boys Of Alabama 13 Will The Circle Be Unbroken "The Staple Singers" 14 I'm So Glad Jesus Lifted Me Ж Ерл Хайнес 15 Go Tell It On The Mountain "The Swan Silverstones" 16 A Worker For The Lord "The Blind Boys Of Mississippi" 17 Love Lifted Me Рэй Прайс 18 When I Move To The Sky "Sister Lottie Peavey" 19 Motherless Child бтйооq"The Harmonizing Four" 20 The Gospel Train Is Leaving Reverend JC Burnett CD3: Mega Gospel 1 Joshua Fit The Battle Of Jericho The Golden Gate Quartet 2 Go Down Moses Ebony Three Vocal Trio 3 0 Little Town Of Bethlehem Махалия Джексон 4 Down By The Riverside The Watts 103rd Street Rhythm Band, Пэт Льюис 5 His Hand Is Mine Jd Sumner, "The Stamps" 6 Precious Lord Би Би Кинг 7 Pray On "The Staple Singers" 8 Twelve Gates To The City Блайнд Бой Фуллер 9 Bye And Bye Луи Армстронг 10 All You Got To Do "The Blind Boys Of Mississippi" 11 Wade In The Water "The Harmonizing Four" 12 Does Jesus Care "The Soul Stirrers" 13 All Men Are Made By God "The Highway Qc's" 14 Stand Up For Jesus The Argo Chamber Orchestra 15 God's Amazing Grace Ernestine Washington 16 I Am So Happy (Part 1) "Eder Lightfoot Solomon Micbaux" 17 Oh Mary Don't бтхыуYou Weep "The Swan Silverstones" 18 In The Sky "The Pilgrim Travelers" 19 My Religion "The Caravans" 20 My Journey To The Sky Розетта Терп, Мэри Найт CD4: Mega Gospel 1 Crying In The Chapel "The Jordanaires" 2 Nobody Knows The Trouble I've Seen Луи Армстронг, Lynn Murray Choir 3 John The Revelator Блайнд Вилли Джонсон 4 Swing Low Sweet Chariot / Rock Me Lord Би Би Кинг 5 My Faith Looks Up To Thee Махалия Джексон 6 Milky White Way Литтл Ричард 7 Jesus And Me "The Caravans" 8 We're Crossing Over "The Harmonizing Four" 9 King Jesus Knows I'm Coming Джошуа Уайт, "Carolinians" 10 Tell Me How Long Реверенд Келсей, "Congregation" 11 Woke Up This Morning Roosevelt, Верой Грэйвс 12 That's How I Know Jesus The Argo Chamber Orchestra 13 The Lord Will Make A Way Somehow (Did I Wonder) Ernestine Washington 14 Do It Right Now "The бтыокBlind Boys Of Mississippi" 15 Just A Closer Walk "The Pilgrim Travelers" 16 Old Time Religion The Blind Boys Of Alabama 17 True Friendship Reverend JC Burnett 18 Stay On The Right Side Of The Road "The Blue Chips" 19 Great Trumpet "The Highway Qc's" 20 Trampin' "Wings Over Jordan" Исполнители (показать всех исполнителей) Эдвин Хоукинс Edwin Hawkins Edwin Hawkins Singers Махалия Джексон Mahalia Jackson.

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