The Way We Live Now Серия: Wordsworth Classics инфо 11478l.

The tough-mindedness of the social satire in "The Way We Live Now" and its air of palpable integrity give this novel a special place in Anthony Trollope's literary career Trollope paints a picture aаъштоs panoramic as his title promises, of the life of 1870s London, the loves of those drawn to and through the city, and the career of Augustus Melmotte, the Great Financier, who crosses it like a blazing comet Melmotte is one of the Victorian novel's greatest and strangбйчмбest creations, and "The Way We Live Now" is an achievement undimmed by the passage of time Trollope's "Now" might, in the twenty-first century, look like some distant disenchanted 'Then', but this is still the yesterday which we must understand in order to make proper sense of our today Автор Энтони Троллоп Anthony Trollope.

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