Pink Floyd: Piper At The Gates Of Dawn Серия: Rock Milestones инфо 12977n.

От издателя This is the definitive critical review of the first Pink Floyd album Piper stands alone as the only Floyd album on which Sid Barrett wrote the bulk of the material and performed as lead vocalistаъцщш and guitarist This independent film review draws on rare film of Pink Floyd performing the songs which make up Piper In addition to the reflections of the band themselves, the film also features a unique interview with Joe Boyd who discovered Pink Floyd and producedбйциы the Arnold Layne single We also hear the views of Norman Smith the album's producer and John "Hoppy" Hopkins, the original Floyd promoter and pioneer of the famous UFO club, in addition to the incisive views of a leading team of music critics and writers The DVD features highlights from Arnold Layne Interstellar Overdrive See Emily Play Astronomy Domine Jugband Blues and more Дополнительные материалы Image Gallery Актер "Pink Floyd" (Исполнибрцфбтель) The Pink Floyd Группа была образована в 1965 году в Лондоне В состав группы вошли однокашники по кембриджской школе Роджер Сид Баррет (гитара, вокал) и Роджер Уотерс (гитара, вокал), а также студенты Лондонского политехнического института Ник Мэйсон (ударные) и Рик .

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