John Eliot Gardiner Handel Semele / La Resurrezione / Dixit Dominus / Israel In Egypt / The Ways Of Zion Do Mourn (6 CD) Формат: 6 Audio CD (Box Set) Дистрибьюторы: Warner Classics, инфо 13215n.

Автор музыки: Георг Гендель Все исполнители Содержание: Semele, HWV 58 Oratorio In Three Acts Libretto After William Congreve Jupiter - Anthony Rolfe Johnson, Tenor Cadmus (King Of Thebes) - Roberаъчлсt Lloyd, Bass Semele (Daughter To Cadmus, Belov'd By And In Love With Jupiter) - Norma Burrowes, Soprano Athamas (A Prince Of Boeotia, In Love With And Design'd To Marry Semele) - Timothy Penrose, Countertenor Ino (Sister To Semele, In Love With Athamas) - Catherine Deбйцуяnley, Contralto Somnus (God Of Sleep) -David Thomas, Bass Apollo - Maldwyn Davies, Tenor Apollon Juno - Delia Jones, Mezzo-Soprano Iris - Patrizia Kwella, Soprano Cupid - Elisabeth Priday, Soprano Choruses Of Priests And Augurs, Loves And Zephyrs, Nymphs And Swains, Attendants Monteverdi Choir English Baroque Soloists John Eliot Gardiner CD 1: 01 Ouverture Act 1 Scene 1 02 No 1 Accompagnato: Behold! Auspicious Flashes Rise (Priest) 03 No 2 Chorus: Lucky Omens Bless Our Rites брцць(Chorus) No 3 Recitative And Arioso: Daughter, Obey (Cadmus, Athamas) 04 Accompagnato: Ah Me! What Refuge Now Is Left Me? (Semele) No 5 Air: О Jove! In Pity Teach Me Which To Choose (Semele) Recitative: Alas, She Yields (Ino, Athamas) 05 No 8 Quartetto: Why Dost Thou Thus Untimely Grieve (Cadmus, Ino, Athamas, Semele) 06 No 9 Chorus: Avert These Omens, All Ye Pow'rs! (Chorus Of Priests) No 10 Accompagnato: Again Auspicious Flashes Rise (Cadmus) Recitative: Thy Aid, Pronubial Juno (Athamas, Semele) 07 No 11 Chorus: Cease, Cease Your Vows (Chorus Of Priests) Scene 2 08 Recitative: Oh Athamas; What Torture Hast Thou Borne! (Athamas) No 12 Air: Turn, Hopeless Lover (Ino) Recitative: Ah Me, What Have I Heard! (Athamas) 09 No 14 Duetto: You've Undone Me (Ino, Athamas) Scene 3 10 Recitative: Ah, Wretched Prince (Cadmus, Athamas) No 15 Accompagnato: Wing'd With Our Fears (Cadmus) Scene 4 11 Recitative: See, See! Jove's Priests And Holy Augurs Come (Cadmus) No 16 Chбтйсдorus: Hail Cadmus, Hail! (Chorus Of Priests And Augurs) 12 No 17 Air: Endless Pleasure (Semele) 13 No 18 Chorus: Endless Pleasure (Chorus Of Priests And Augurs) Act Two Scene 1 14 No 19 Symphony Recitative: Iris, Impatient Of Thy Stay (Juno, Iris) 15 Recitative: Look, Where Cithaeron Proudly Stands (Iris) No 20 Air: There, From Mortal Cares Retiring (Iris) Recitative: No More! (Juno) No 21 Accompagnato: Awake Saturnia From Thy Lethargy (Juno, Iris) 16 No 22 Air: Hence, Iris, Hence Away! (Juno) Scene 2 17 Air: Come, Zephyrs, Come (Cupid) No 23 Air: О Sleep, Why Dost Thou Leave Me? (Semele) Scene 3 18 Recitative: Let Me Not Another Moment Bear The Pangs Of Absence (Semele) 19 No 24 Air: Lay Your Doubts And Fears Aside (Jupiter) Recitative: You Are Mortal (Jupiter) 20 No 25 Air: With Fond Desiring (Semele) 21 No 26 Chorus: How Engaging, How Endearing (Chorus Of Loves And Zephyrs) Recitative: Ah Me! - Why Sighs My Semele? (Semele, Jupiter) 22 Recitative: Toбтхьмo Well I Read Her Meaning (Jupiter) No 27 Air: I Must With Speed Amuse Her (Jupiter) 23 No 28 Chorus: Now Love That Everlasting Boy (Chorus Of Loves And Zephyrs) CD 2: 01 Recitative: By My Command (Jupiter, Semele) 02 Recitative: See, She Appears (Jupiter) No 29 Air: Where'er You Walk (Jupiter) Scene 4 03 Recitative: Dear Sister, How Was Your Journey Hither? (Semele, Ino) No 30 Air: But Hark! The Heav'nly Sphere Turns Round (Ino) 04 No 31 Duetto: Prepare Then, Ye Immortal Choir (Semele, Ino) 05 No 32 Chorus: Bless The Glad Earth With Heav'nly Lays! (Chorus Of Nymphs And Swains) Act Three Scene 1 06 No 33 Symphony - No 34 Accompagnato: Somnus, Awake! (Juno, Iris) 07 No 35 Air: Leave Me, Loathsome Light! (Somnus) Recitative: Dull God, Canst Thou Attend The Water's Fall (Iris, Juno) 08 No 36 Air: More Sweet Is That Name Than A Soft Purling Stream (Somnus) Recitative: My Will Obey, She Shall Be Thine (Juno, Somnus) 09 No 37 Duetto: Obey My Will, Thy Rod Rбтыоыesign (Juno, Somnus) Scene 2 10 No 38 Air: My Racking Thoughts By No Kind Slumbers Freed (Semele) Scene 3 11 Recitative: Thus Shap'd Like Ino, With Ease I Shall Deceive Her Behold In This Mirrour (Juno, Semele) 12 Recitative: О Ecstasy Of Happiness! (Semele) No 39a Air: Myself I Shall Adore (Semele) Recitative: Be Wise, As You Are Beautiful (Juno, Semele) 13 No 40 Accompagnato: Conjure Him By His Oath (Juno) 14 No 41 Air: Thus Let My Thanks Be Pay'd (Semele) Recitative: Rich Odours Fill The Fragrant Air (Juno, Semele) Scene 4 15 No 42 Air: Come To My Arms, My Lovely Fair (Jupiter) Recitative: Oh Semele! Why Art Thou Thus Insensible? (Jupiter) 16 No 43 Air: I Ever Am Granting (Semele) Recitative: Speak, Speak Your Desire (Jupiter, Semele) No 44 Accompagnato: By That Tremendous Flood, I Swear (Jupiter) Recitative: You'll Grant What I Require? (Semele, Jupiter) No 45 Accompagnato: Then Cast Off This Human Shape (Semele) 17 No 46 Air: Ah, Take Heed What You Pбтюгьress! (Jupiter) 18 No 47 Air: No, No, I'll Take No Less (Semele) Scene 5 19 No 48 Accompagnato: Ah, Whither Is She Gone! (Jupiter) Scene 6 20 No 49 Air: Above Measure Is The Pleasure, Which My Revenge Supplies! (Juno) Scene 7 21 No 50 Arioso: Ah, Me! Too Late I Now Repent (Semele) Scene 8 22 Recitative: Of My Ill-Boding Dream (Ino) No 51 Chorus: Oh Terror And Astonishment! Nature To Each Allots His Proper Sphere (Chorus Of Priests) 23 Recitative: See From Above The Bellying Clouds Descend (Cadmus) Scene The Last No 53 Sinfonia No 54 Accompagnato: Apollo Comes To Relieve Your Care (Apollo) 24 No 55 Chorus: Happy, Happy Shall We Be (Chorus) Israel In Egypt, HWV 54 Monteverdi Choir And Orchestra John Eliot Gardiner CD 3: 01 Overture (Symphony, HWV 264) Lamentations Of The Israelites For The Death Of Joseph Part One: Exodus 02 Recitative: Now There Arose (Paul Elliott, Tenor) 03 No 1 Chorus: And The Children Of Israel Sighed By Reason Of The Bondage (Cбтянмhristopher Royall, Countertenor) 04 Recitative: Then Sent He Moses (Paul Elliott, Tenor) 05 No 2 Chorus: They Loathed To Drink Of The River 06 No 3 Air: Their Land Brought Forth Frogs (Ashley Stafford, Countertenor) 07 No 4 Chorus: He Spake The Word 08 No 5 Chorus: He Gave Them Hailstones For Rain 09 No 6 Chorus: He Sent A Thick Darkness Over All The Land 10 No 7 Chorus: He Smote All The First-Born 11 No 8 Chorus: But As For His People 12 No 9a Chorus: Egypt Was Glad When They Departed 13 No 10 Chorus: He Rebuked The Red Sea 14 No 11 Chorus: He Led Them Through The Deep As Through A Wilderness 15 No 12 Chorus: But The Waters Overwhelmed Their Enemies 16 No 13 Chorus: And Israel Saw That Great Work That The Lord Did 17 No 14 Chorus: And Believed The Lord Part Two: Moses' Song 18 No 15 Introitus: Moses And The Children Of Israel Sung This Song 19 I Will Sing Unto The Lord 20 No 16 Duet: The Lord Is My Strength (Jean Knibbs & Marilyn Troth, буаияSopranos) 21 No 17 Chorus: He Is My God 22 And I Will Exalt Him 23 No 18 Duet: The Lord Is A Man Of War (Stephen Varcoe & Charles Stewart, Basses) 24 No 19 Chorus: The Depths Have Covered Them 25 Thy Right Hand, Oh Lord, Is Now Made Glorious 26 And In The Greatness Of Thine Excellency 27 Thou Sentest Forth Thy Wrath 28 No 20 Chorus: And With The Blast Of Thy Nostrils 29 No 21 Air: The Enemy Said: I Will Pursue (William Kendall, Tenor) 30 No 22 Air: Thou Didst Blow With The Wind (Daryl Greene, Soprano) CD 4: 01 No 23 Chorus: Who Is Like Unto Thee, Oh Lord 02 The Earth Swallowed Them 03 No 24 Duet: Thou In Thy Mercy Hast Led Forth Thy People (Brian Gordon, Countertenor, Paul Elliott, Tenor) 04 No 25a Chorus: The People Shall Hear And Be Afraid 05 No 26 Air: Thou Shalt Bring Them In (Julian Clarkson, Countertenor) 06 No 27 Chorus: The Lord Shall Reign For Ever And Ever 07 Recitative: For The Horse Of Pharoah Went In (Paul Elliott, Tenor) 08 Noбуаьт 27 Chorus: The Lord Shall Reign For Ever And Ever 09 Recitative: And Miriam The Prophetess (Paul Elliott, Tenor) 10 No 28 Solo And Chorus: Sing Ye To The Lord, For He Hath Triumphed Gloriously! The Lord Shall Reign (Elisabeth Friday, Soprano) The Ways Of Zion Do Mourn, HWV 264 Funeral Anthem For Queen Caroline Monteverdi Choir And Orchestra John Eliot Gardiner 11 No 1 Symphony 12 No 2 Chorus: The Ways Of Zion Do Mourn 13 Chorus: How Are The Mighty Fall'n! 14 Chorus: She Put On Righteousness 15 No 3 Chorus: When The Ear Heard Her, Then It Blessed Her (Soli) 16 No 4 Chorus: How Are The Mighty Fall'n! 17 No 5 Chorus: She Deliver'd The Poor 18 No 6 Chorus: How Are The Mighty Fall'n! 19 No 7 Soli And Chorus: The Righteous Shall Be Had (Soli) 20 No 8 Chorus: Their Bodies Are Buried In Peace 21 No 9 Chorus: The People Will Tell Of Their Wisdom 22 No 10 Chorus: They Shall Receive A Glorious Kingdom (Soli) 23 No 11 Chorus: The Merciful Goodness Of бубифThe Lord 24 Zadok The Priest Coronation Anthem No 1, HWV 258 Monteverdi Choir And Orchestra John Eliot Gardiner La Resurrezione, HWV 47 Oratorio In Due Parti Libretto: Carlo Sigismondo Capece Maddalena - Nancy Argenta, Soprano Angelo - Barbara Schlick, Soprano Cleofe - Guillemette Laurens, Contralto San Giovanni - Guy De Mey, Tenor Lucifero - Klaus Mertens, Bass Coro Di Angeli Amsterdam Baroque Orchestra Ton Koopman CD 5: Part One 01 Sonata Scena 1 02 N 3 Aria: Disserratevi, О Porte d'Averno! (Angelo) 03 N 2b Accompagnato: Qual'insolita Luce Squarcia Le Bende Alia Tartarea Notte? (Lucifero) 04 N 1 Aria: Caddi, E Ver, Ma Nel Cadere Non Perdei Forza (Lucifero) 05 N 4 Accompagnato: Ma Che Veggio? (Lucifero, Angelo) 06 Recitativo: Chi Sei? (Lucifero, Angelo) 07 N 5 Aria: D'amor Fu Consiglio Che Al Padre Nel Figlio L'offesa Pago (Angelo) 08 Recitativo: E Ben, Questo Tuo Nume (Lucifero, Angelo) 09 N 6 Aria: О Voi, Dell'erebo Potenze Orribili (Lucifero) Scena бубтэ2 10 N 7 Accompagnato: Notte, Notte Funesta (Maddalena) 11 N 8 Aria: Ferma L'ali, E Sui Miei Lumi Non Volar, О Sonno Ingrato! (Maddalena) 12 Recitativo: Concedi, О Maddalena, Qualche Tregua Al Martire (Cleofe, Maddalena) 13 N 9 Aria: Piangete, Si, Piangete (Cleofe) 14 Recitativo: Ahi, Dolce Mio Signore (Maddalena, Cleofe) 15 N 10 Duetto: Dolci Chiodi, Amate Spine (Maddalena, Cleofe) 16 Recitativo: О Cleofe, О Maddalena (S Giovanni, Maddalena) 17 N 11 Aria: Quando E Parto Dell'affetto, Il Dolore In Nobil Petto Non Estigue La Costanza (S Giovanni) 18 Recitativo: Ma Dinne, E Sara Vero Che Risorga Gesu? (Cleofe, S Giovanni, Maddalena) 19 N 12 Aria: Naufragando Va Per L'onde, Debol Legno (Cleofe) 20 Recitativo: Itene Pure, О Fide S Giovanni, Maddalena 21 N13 Aria: Cosi La Tortorella S Giovanni 22 Recitativo: Se Maria Dunque Spera (Maddalena) 23 N 14 Aria: Ho Un Non So Che Nel Cor (Maddalena) Scena 3 24 Recitativo: Uscite Pure, Uscite Dall'oscura Prigioбубщгne (Angelo) 25 N 15 Coro: Il Nume Vincitor Trionfi, Regni E Viva! (Angelo, Coro Di Angeli) Part Two 26 Introduzione Scena 1 27 Recitativo: Ui Quai Nuovi Portenti Ha La Terra Oggi Ancora Il Sen Fecondo? (S Giovanni) 28 N 17 Aria: Ecco Il Sol, Ch'esce Dal Mare (S Giovanni) 29 Recitativo: Ma Ove Maria Dimora (S Giovanni) Scena 2 30 N 18 Aria: Risorga Il Mondo (Angelo) 31 N 19 Accompagnato: Di Rabbia Indarno Freme Coi Mostri Suoi L'incatenato Averno (Angelo) 32 Recitativo: Misero! Ho Pure Udito? (Lucifero, Angelo) 33 N 20 Aria: Per Celare Il Nuovo Scorno (Lucifero) 34 Recitativo: О Come Cieco Il Tuo Furor Delira! (Angelo) 35 N 21 Duetto: Impedirlo Sapro (Lucifero, Angelo) CD 6: Scena 3 01 Recitativo: Arnica, Troppo Tardo Fu Il Nostra Pie (Maddalena, Cleofe) 02 N 22 Aria: Per Me Gia Di Morire Non Pavento (Gesu Maddalena) 03 Recitativo: Ahi, Abborrito Nome! (Lucifero) Scena 4 04 N 23 Aria: Vedo Il Ciel Che Piu Sereno Si Fa Intorno (Cleofe) 05 Recitatiбубяъvo: Cleofe, Siam Giunte Al Luogo Donne, Voi Ricercate Di Gesu Nazareno Ove Giacque (Maddalena, Cleofe, Angelo) 06 N 24 Aria: Se Per Colpa Di Donna Infelice (Angelo) 07 Recitativo: Mio Gesu, Mio Signore (Maddalena) 08 N 25 Aria: Del Ciglio Dolente (Maddalena) 09 Recitativo: Si, Si, Cerchiamo Pure L'orme Del Nostra Amor (Cleofe) 10 N 26 Aria: Augelletti, Ruscelletti (Cleofe) Scena 5 11 Recitativo: Dove Si Frettolosi, Cleofe, Rivolgi I Passi? (S Giovanni, Cleofe) 12 N 27 Aria: Caro Figlio! (S Giovanni) 13 Recitativo: Cleofe, Giovanni, Udite (Maddalena, S Giovanni, Cleofe) 14 N 28 Aria: Se Impassible, Immortale Sei Risorto (Maddalena) 15 Recitativo: Si, Si, Col Redentore Sorga Il Mondo Redento! (S Giovanni, Cleofe, Maddalena) 16 N 29 Coro: Diasi Lode In Cielo, In Terra (Coro) Dixit Dominus, HWV 232 Felicity Palmer, Margaret Marshall, Sopranos Charles Brett, John Angelo Messana, Countertenors Richard Morton, Alastair Thompson, Tenors David Wilson-Johnsonбувгп, Bass Nicholas Kraemer, Harpsichord Malcolm Hicks, Organ Monteverdi Choir And Orchestra John Eliot Gardiner 17 No 1: Dixit Dominus (Chorus, Felicity Palmer, Soprano, John Angelo Messana, Countertenor, Richard Morton, Tenor) 18 No 2: Virgam Virtutis Tuae (Charles Brett, Countertenor) 19 No 3: Tecum Principium In Die Virtutis (Felicity Palmer, Soprano) 20 No 4: Chorus: Luravit Dominus (Chorus) 21 No 5: Chorus: Tu Es Sacerdos In Aeternum (Chorus) 22 No 6: Dominus A Destris Tuis (Chorus, Margaret Marshall, Felicity Palmer, Sopranos, Richard Morton, Alastair Thompson, Tenors, David Wilson-Johnson, Bass) 23 No 7: De Torrente In Via Bibet (Chorus, Margaret Marshall, Felicity Palmer, Sopranos) 24 No 8: Gloria Patri, Et Filio (Chorus) Издание содержит буклет с дополнительной информацией на английском, немецком и французском языках Исполнители (показать всех исполнителей) Джон Элиот Гардинер John Eliot Gardiner Энтони Рольф Джонсон Anthony Rolfe Johnson Робебувзтрт Ллойд Robert Lloyd.

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